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 Optical Illusions - Continued...

Some optical illusions are simply clever pictures meant to fool the perceptions with unfamiliar forms, while other optical illusions play games with the mechanics of the eyes. This explains why things are not as they appear to be. Take a look at the optical illusions presented here, and decide whether the eyes or the brain are playing tricks. Enjoy.


Which line is longer ? AB or BC? Take a ruler and find out!

ABCs image


Are the gray lines brighter in the figure on the left or in the figure on the right? A pattern of gray lines appears brighter when adjacent to a white pattern. The same gray pattern appears darker when it is next to a black pattern.

ABCs image

Barber Pole Illusion

Is the barber pole moving from top to bottom or from side to side? When a diagonal pattern is inside a horizontal rectangle, the pattern appears to be moving from left to right. When the diagonal pattern is inside a vertical rectangle, the pattern appears to be moving up and down. The prevailing explanation is that the perceived direction of motion correlates to the number of end points on the edges of the rectangle. So, if the rectangle is horizontal, there are more horizontal end points, and the motion appears horizontal.

ABCs image

Black Dot

Find a black dot.

blackdot image

Black or White

What do you see here ? a vase or two men looking at each other? See if you can find them both.

ABCs image

Blowing in the Wind

Are the long diagonal lines bending? No, they are actually parallel. They only look like they are bending because the small lines are sending a confused message to the brain.

ABCs image

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