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 Optical Illusions - Continued...

Illusory Contours

Are there wavy vertical edges? Contours can be perceived in the absence of any real vertical lines or edges. (See Ehrenstein Illusion).

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In the Center

Glance at this page. What do you see right in the very middle of it? If you saw the letter B, that's because you first perceived the horizontal line of A, B, C. If you saw the number 13, it is because you first perceived the vertical line of 12, 13, 14.

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Kanizsa-Minguzzi Anomalous Brightness Differentiation

Which white arc is brighter?

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Kanizsa Square

Is the center square brighter than its surroundings? The square created by the pac-man corners appears brighter than its surroundings, even in differing levels of contrast.

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Koffka-Benussi Ring Illusion

Are both halves of these rings the same color? A ring appears to be the same color even when its background is different, as in the ring on the left. When a line bisects a ring, as in the ring on the right, the side of the ring with the higher contrast appears brighter than the side of the ring with the lower contrast.

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Magic Sizing

Which is bigger ? the top figure or the bottom one? They're both the same!

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